Past Medical History — Social

English Amharic
You: Do you smoke cigarettes? You: Cigarra tachesaleh/tacheshalesh?
You: Do you smoke sheeshah [flavored tobacco]? You: Sheeshah tachesaleh/tacheshalesh?
You: Do you chew chat? You: Chaţ tiķimaleh/tikimialesh?
Patient: No. Patient: Alkimim
Patient: Yes, a lot. Patient: Awo, betam.
Patient: I used to smoke but I quit. Patient: Aches neber ahun gin akumialo.
Patient: Occasionally. Patient: Andand geezay.
Patient: Andanday.
Patient: Alfo alfo.
Patient: Only at night. Patient: Mata bitcha.
You: Do you drink alcohol? You: Metet titetaleh/titechialesh?
Patient: No. Patient: Ay, altetam.
Patient: Yes. Patient: Awo.
Patient: Only on Saturday and Sunday. Patient: Awo, ķidam ena ehud bicha.
Patient: Only at parties. Patient: Siznana bicha.
Patient: Only at night. Patient: Mata mata bicha.
Patient: Mishit lai bicha.
You: Do you use any illegal drugs? You: Adenzaj itsochin titeķemaleh/titeķemialesh?
Patient: No. Patient: Aliţekamim.
Patient: Yes. Patient: Awo.
Patient: I used to smoke marijuana but I stopped. Patient: Hashish achess neber.
Patient: Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine/heroin/opium. Patient: Awo, adenzaj itş achishay awkalo.
Patient: Yes, I have used IV drugs. Patient: Awo, bemerfay yemiwesedu adenzaj itsochin teteķemialo.
You: How many cigarettes do you smoke per day? You: Beķen sint cigarra tachesaleh/tacheshialesh?
You: How many cigarettes do you smoke per year? You: Bamet minyahil cigarra tachesaleh/tacheshialesh?
Patient: A pack per day. Patient: And pako beķen.
Patient: A half a pack per day. Patient: Gimash pako beķen.
Patient: A cigarette per day. Patient: And cigarra beķen.
Patient: One cigarette every now and then. Patient: Alfo alfo and cigarra achessalo.
You: When did you start smoking? You: Meche niw macheş yegemerkew?
Patient: A long time ago. Patient: Rejim geezay honegn.
Patient: When I was a teenager. Patient: Lij eyalo.
Patient: Ten years ago. Patient: Keasir amet befeet.
Patient: Twenty years ago. Patient: Kehaya amet befeet.
You: How much alcohol do you drink? You: Min yahal meţet titetaleh/titechalesh?
Patient: One glass a day. Patient: Beķen and birrchiko.
Patient: One bottle a day. Patient: Beķen and ţermus.
Patient: One bottle a week. Patient: Besamint and ţermus.
Patient: One glass per year. Patient: Beamet and birchiko.
Patient: Only on holidays. Patient: Beamet beal bitcha.
You: On how many holidays do you drink a year? You: Beyetignochu ba alatoch titetaleh/titechalesh?
Patient: Only on my birthday. Patient: Lidete lai bicha.
You: What kind of liquor do you usually drink? You: Minainet metet titetaleh/titechialesh?
Patient: Wine Patient: Wine.
Patient: Beer. Patient: Birra.
Patient: Hard liquor. Patient: Alcohol metet.
You: Do you play any sports? You: Sport tiseraleh/tiserialesh?
Patient: No. Patient: Alseram.
Patient: Yes, soccer. Patient: Awo, quass.
Patient: Yes, I run. Patient: Awo, rotalew.
Patient: Yes, I walk every day. Patient: Awo, hulugeezay yeger guzo adergalew.
You: Do you currently have a job? You: Ahun serra aleh/alesh?
Patient: No, I am unemployed. Patient: Ahun serra yelegnim.
Patient: Yes, I work a lot. Patient: Awo, bizu eseralehu.
Patient: Yes, occasionally. Patient: Awo, andand gizay.
Patient: Yes, I’m a day laborer. Patient: Awo, yeķen serratenya negn.