Past Medical History — OB/GYN

English Amharic
You: When was your last menstrual period? You: Meche new lemecheresha geezay yewer ababa yayeshiw?
Patient: A month ago. Patient: Keand wor befeet.
Patient: Two months ago. Patient: Kahulet wor befeet.
Patient: Last month. Patient: Balefew wer.
Patient: I’m having my period now. Patient: Ahun menstruation/yewer ababa lai negn.
You: How old were you when you had your first period? You: Le mejemmaria geezay yewer ababa setai edmesh sint neber.
Patient: Eleven. Patient: Asra and.
Patient: Twelve. Patient: Asra hulet.
Patient: Thirteen. Patient: Asra sost.
Patient: I do not remember. Patient: Alasta’wusim.
You: Have you been pregnant? You: Argizesh tawkialesh?
Patient: I’ve never been pregnant. Patient: Ay argije alawkim.
Patient: Yes. Patient: Awo.
You: Do you have children? You: Lijoch alush?
Patient: No. Patient: Yelegnyem.
Patient: Yes. Patient: Awo.
Patient: Alegn.
You: How many children do you have? You: Sint lijoch alush?
Patient: One. Patient: And.
Patient: Two. Patient: Hulet.
Patient: I have twins. Patient: Menta alegn.
Patient: I do not have any children. Patient: Minim lij yelegnem.
Patient: Lijoch yelugnem.
You: How many deliveries have you had? You: Sint lejouch weldeshal?
Patient: One Patient: And.
Patient: Two Patient: Hulet.
Patient: Three. Patient: Sost.
You: How old are your children? You: Yelijochish edme sint niw?
You: Does he/she attend school? You: Temhert bet jemerawal/jemeralich?
You: What is the baby’s name? You: Ye lijish sim maniw?
You: Did you have a C-section? You: Ba operacion niw yeweledshiw?
Patient: I had a C-section. Patient: Yeweledkut ba operacion niw.
You: Have you had an abortion? You: Asoridesh tawkialesh?
Patient: Never. Patient: Alawkim
Patient: Alasoredkum
Patient: Asorijay alawkim.
Patient: Yes, once. Patient: Awo, and gizay.
Patient: Yes, several. Patient: Awo, bizu gizay.
You: Have you had a Pap smear? You: Yemahitşen mirmera adirgesh tawkialesh?
Patient: Yes, once. Patient: Awo, andgeezay.
Patient: Never. Patient: Bechirash.
Patient: Temirmeray alawkim.
Patient: Yes, each year. Patient: Awo, beyametu.
Patient: Yes, ocassionally. Patient: Awo, andand gizay.
You: When was your last Pap smear? You: Meche niw lemecheresha geezay mahitsenishin yetemeremershiw?
Patient: Last month. Patient: Balefew wer.
Patient: A month ago. Patient: Keand wer befeet.
Patient: A year ago. Patient: Keand amet befeet.
Patient: Two years ago. Patient: Kehulet amet befeet.
Patient: A few years ago. Patient: Ketikeet ametat befeet.
Patient: A long time ago. Patient: Kerejim geezay befeet.