History of Present Illness

English Amharic
You: When did your problem begin? You: Meche niw ye chigger yejemereh/yejemeresh?
Patient: Today. Patient: Zare.
Patient: Yesterday. Patient: Tilant.
Patient: A month ago. Patient: Kewer befeet.
Patient: An hour ago. Patient: Kand se’at befeet.
Patient: A few days ago. Patient: Ketikeet kenat befeet.
Patient: A few years ago. Patient: Ketikeet amet befeet.
Patient: A long time ago. Patient: Kerejim geezay befeet.
Patient: I do not remember. Patient: Alastawisim.
You: Where is your pain located? You: Yetuga niw yemiamih/yemiamish?
Patient: Right here. Patient: Iziga.
Patient: The head. Patient: Chinkilaten.
Patient: The stomach area. Patient: Hoday akababee.
Patient: The entire body. Patient: Mela sa’ounetain yamegnal.
Patient: Hule mena’ayn.
You: Have you had any other problems? You: Lela chigger aleh?
Patient: I have chills. Patient: Birdibird yelegnal.
You: What is the pain like? You: Endet niw yemiaregih/yemiaregish?
Patient: Pressure. Patient: Yichanignal.
Patient: Sharp-stabbing. Patient: Yiwegagnal.
Patient: Burning. Patient: Yaķatilegnal.
Patient: Continuous pain. Patient: Yemayaķwarit himem.
Patient: Intermittent. Patient: Yamingnal yitowingnal.
Patient: Very bad pain. Patient: Betam yamingnal.
Patient: Cramping. Patient: Chemdido yizognal
Patient: Yiwegagnyal.
You: Does the pain move to another place? You: Himemu wadelela bota yihaydal?
Patient: Yes, it moves towards my back. Patient: Awo, wada jerbaye yihedal.
You: Is there anything you can do to decrease the pain? You: Himemu endikaniss yemiadergilih/yemiadergilesh neger aleh?
You: What decreases the pain? You: Himemu min sitaderg/sitadergi yiķenisal?
You: What do you do to decrease the fever? You: Tikusatu endiķaness min tadergaleh/tadergialesh?
Patient: To sit down. Patient: Siķemet.
Patient: Ekemetalehu.
Patient: To stand up. Patient: Siķom.
Patient: Eķomaleho.
Patient: To walk. Patient: Sihed.
Patient: Siramed.
Patient: To stay in the same position. Patient: Lebizu se’at and bota siķemet.
You: What increases the pain/fever? You: Himemun/tikusatun min yabisewal?
Patient: Food. Patient: Megib.
Patient: Not to eat. Patient: Megib alemeblat.
Patient: To fall asleep. Patient: Sitegna.
Patient: Metegnat.
Patient: To take medication. Patient: Medanit mewsed.
Patient: When I rest. Patient: Ereft sareg.
Patient: To take a shower. Patient: Sitaţeb.
You: Have you taken any medicine? Patient: Medanit wesdehibetal/wesdeshibetal?
Patient: Yes, medicine. Patient: Awo, medanit wasijalo.
Patient: Yes, I took an antibiotic. Patient: Awo, yehod tilatil matfia.
Patient: Yes, I used traditional medicine. Patient: Awo, yebehal/yabesha medanit wasijalo.
Patient: Yes, I took a syrup. Patient: Shirop wasijalo.