General Amharic

English Amharic
1 and
2 hulet
3 sost
4 arat
5 amist
6 sidist
7 sebat
8 simint
9 zetegn
10 asir
11 asra and
12 asra hulet
13 asra sost
14 asra arat
15 asra amist
16 asra sidist
17 asra sebat
18 asra simint
19 asra zetegn
20 haya
21 haya and
22 haya hulet
30 selassa
31 selassa and
40 arba
50 hamsa
60 silsa
70 seba
80 semanya
90 zetena
100 meto
101 meto and
200 hulet meto
300 sost meto
400 arat meto
500 amist meto
1000 and shi
2000 hulet shi
100000 meto shi
1000000 and milliyon
first and
second and huletegna
third and sostegna
fourth and arategna
fifth and amistegna
sixth and sidistegna
seventh and sebategna
eighth and simintegna
ninth and zetenegna
tenth and asiregna
¼ and arategna; roob
½ gemash
One-third and sostegna
¾ sost arategna
1 ½ and mulu and huletegna
approximately begimit
amount meten/bezat
count mauķţer
a lot/many bizu
more techemari
once and gizay
percent bemeto
single and
too little betam tinish
too much betam bizu
total teklala
twice hulet geezay
weight kibdet
What? Min/minden?
When? Meche?
Who? Man?
Where? Yet?
Why? Lemin?
How much/many? Sint?
and ena
or woyim
but gen
neger gen
of yeh
at/from keh
in/at/by beh
for/to leh
to wedeh
Yes. Awo.
OK/Yes. Ishi.
There is. Aleh.
There is not. Yelem.
Excuse me/pardon me. Yi kerta.
Thank you. Amiseganalo.
Sorry. Aznalo.
Come in. Geba/gebi/yigbu.
Sit down. Ķuch bel/bey.
Mr. Ato
Mrs. Wayzero
Miss Wayzerit
Is that Ethiopian/European time? Beh habesha/ferenj akotater niw?
What time is it? Sint se’at niw?
(Six) o’clock (Sidist) se’at
(Ten) past (six) (Sidist) se’at ke(asir)
Quarter past (six) (Sidist) se’at kerub
Half past (six) (Sidist) se’at tekul
Quarter to (six) Le(sidist) rub gudai
In the morning ketewatu
In the evening kemishitu
In the night kelelitu
Monday Senyo
Tuesday Maksenyo
Wednesday Rob
Thursday Hamus
Friday Arb
Saturday Ķidame
Sunday Ahud
What day of the week is it today? Zare ķennu mindiniw?
What is the date today? Zare ķennu sint niw?
Immediately Wediyawinu
Now Ahun
This afternoon Zare kese’at
This evening Zare mishit lai
This month Bezi wor
This morning Zare ţewat
This week Bezi samint
This year Bezi amet
Today Zare
Tonight Zare mata
Day before yesterday Ketinantina wodiya
(Six) days ago Ke(sidist) ķen befeet
Yesterday afternoon Tinantina kese’at
Yesterday morning Tinantina ţewat
After (six) days Ke(sidist) ķen bewalla
Day after tomorrow Ke nege wediya
Next week Yemimetaw simint
Next month Yemimetaw wer
Next year Yemimetaw amet
Tomorrow Nege
Tomorrow afternoon Nege kese’at
Tomorrow morning Nege ţewat
Tomorrow night Nege mata
Within (six) days Be(sidist) ķen wuşt
Afternoon Kese’at
Evening Mishit
Midnight Ekula leleet
Noon Ekula ķen
Morning Ţewat
Night Mata
Sunrise Tşehai seeweta
Sunset Tşehai seegeba