Emergencies — Labor and Delivery

English Amharic
Are you pregnant? Erguz nesh?
Are you in labor? Mit lizish yefeligal?
How many children do you have? Sint lijoch alu/alush?
How many times have you been pregnant? Once, twice, three times, more? Sint gizay argizeshal? And gizay? Hulet gizay? Sost gizay? Bizu gizay?
Have you ever had twins? Menta woldesh tawkialesh?
Do you feel like pushing? Gifiew gifiew yasegnishal?
Were all your pregnancies normal? Kezi befeet yeneberut ergizinawochish normal neberu?
When did the pains begin? Himemu meche jemeresh?
We need to go to the hospital now. Ahununu wede hospital mehed alebin.
We need to have the baby here. Lijun ezi mamtat yasfeligal.
Who is your doctor? Hakimish man niw?
Are you expecting twins? Menta niw yaregezshu?
Have you felt the baby move today? Liju seenķesaķes tesemtoshal zare?
Was there any vaginal bleeding today? Kemahitsenish akababi dem fesoshal zare?
The baby is fine. Liju/lijitwah dena nech.
It’s a boy/It’s a girl! Wend niw!/Set nat!
When was your last period? Lemecherasha gizay yewer ababa yayeshiw meche niw?
Do you bleed in between your periods? Yewer abebash kememtatu befeet dem tayalesh?
Do you have heavy or light flow? Anes yale niw woyis bizu dem yemifesish?
Have you been bleeding? Bizu dem yiwetashal?
Is your period regular? Yewer abebash normal ena bizu yemayķeyayer niw?
Breathe slowly through your mouth. Beķesita ayer beafih/beafish asota/asochi.
I need to do a vaginal exam. Mahitsenishin limiremir niw.
I need to examine your breasts. Tutishin limiremir niw.
Please slide closer to the edge of the table. Wedeterepezaw chaf ţega bey.
Stand up. Ķum/ķumi.
Lie down. Tegna/tegni.
Put your legs up here. Egrochishin ezi lai argi.
Try to relax your muscles. Tunchawochishin lala adirgiacho.