Emergencies — Anaphylaxsis

English Amharic
You: What is your name? You: Simih/simish ma niw?
You: How old are you? You: Edmeh/Edmesh sent niw?
You: Do you have any allergies? You: Allergy alebih/alebish?
You: What reaction does the allergic material cause? You: Allergic min yadergihal/yadergishal?
Patient: My skin turns red. Patient: Ķodai ķiyehonal.
Patient: I have itching. Patient: Yasakikegnyal.
Patient: I have a runny nose. Patient: Nift yibezagnal.
Patient: Swelling of my head. Patient: Chinkalatay yap’tal.
Patient: Swelling of my arm. Patient: Ihjay yabtal.
Patient: Swelling of my leg. Patient: Igray yabtal.
Patient: Swelling of my neck. Patient: Angetay yabtal.
Patient: Swelling of my stomach. Patient: Hode akababi yabtal.
Patient: Shortness of breath. Patient: Tinfash yatregnal.
You: Can you breathe? You: Metenfes tichilaleh/tichialesh?
You: Do you have difficulty swallowing? You: Sitiwit/sitiwichi yaschiggerishal?
You: Is your tongue getting larger? You: Milasih/milasish yabtal?
You: Were you stung by a bee? You: Nib nedfoh/nedfosh yawkal?
You: Has this happened before? You: Kezi befeet yih hono yawkal?
You: Have you had itching? You: Yasakikih/yasakikish neber?
You: Do you have asthma? You: Asm yizoh/yizosh yawkal?
You: Have you been bitten by a dog? You: Wusha nekso/neksosh yawkal?
You: Have you been bitten by a cat? You: Dimet bwachrah/bwachrash yawkal?
You: Have you been bitten by a snake? You: Ebab nedfoh/nedfosh yawkal?
You: Have you been stung by an insect? You: Benebsat tenedfeh/tenedfesh tawkaleh/tawkialesh?