Clinical Topics — Abiy Tsom

During Abiy Tsom or Hudadi, the most important Ethiopian Orthodox fast, believers older than 13 years of age abstain from meat and lactina (dairy products and eggs) and take only one meal per day after 3:00 PM Western time for 56 days.1 On Saturdays and Sundays, eating is permitted in the morning. Some fasters restrict themselves exclusively to water, bread, and salt.1 At the close of the Lenten period, from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, no food is consumed. During this period, those with systemic illnesses are at increased risk, especially during the final 3 day fast.


1.) Belwal R, Tafesse, Y. A study of the impact of orthodox Christians’ fasting on demand for biscuits in Ethiopia. Afr J Marketing Mngment 2010; 2(1), 10-17.