Clinical Interviews — Opthalmology

English Amharic
You: Do you have a problem with your vision or eyes? You: Yeayin chigger woyim himem alebih/alebish?
You: Do you have a specific problem? You: Yih niw yemitilew/yemitiyiw himem alebih/alebish?
You: Have you noticed changes in your vision? You: Yemayet lewt aleh/alesh?
You: Which eye, or are both affected? You: Yetignawin ayinihin/aynishin niw woyis huletunim yamihal/yamishal?
You: The right one. You: Yekegnun.
You: The left one. You: Yegira’un.
You: Show me. You: Asai’een.
You: Do you see well far away? You: Keruķ bedenb yitayihal?
You: Do you see well up close? You: Ķereb yale neger bedenb yitayihal?
You: When did this happen? You: Meche niw yih yehono?
You: When did it start? You: Meche jemereh?
You: Did it just start? You: Ahun niw yejemerew?
You: When did your problem begin? You: Meche niw yechigger yejemereh/yejemeresh?
Patient: Today. Patient: Zare.
Patient: Yesterday. Patient: Tilant.
Patient: A month ago. Patient: Kewer befeet.
Patient: An hour ago. Patient: Kand se’at befeet.
Patient: A few days ago. Patient: Ketikeet ķenat befeet.
Patient: A few years ago. Patient: Ketikeet amet befeet.
Patient: A long time ago. Patient: Kerejim gizay befeet.
Patient: I do not remember. Patient: Alastawisim.
You: Did you lose your vision gradually? You: Ķesbekes niw mayet yetesaneh/yetesanesh?
You: Do you have it all the time, almost always, once in awhile, almost never? You: Huligizay, betedegagami, andanday, woyis yelebighim?
You: How long did it last? You: Minyahil gizay yikoyal?
Patient: Seconds. Patient: Secondoch.
Patient: Minutes. Patient: Deķikawoch.
Patient: Hours. Patient: Sa’atoch.
Patient: Days. Patient: Ķenat.
You: Show me, where does it hurt? You: Yetuga endemiamih/endemiamish asayegn/asayeen?
You: Has your pain gone away? You: Himemih hedo neber?
You: How long have you had it? You: Minyahil gizay hono?
You: Since when have you had this problem? You: Meche niw yechigger yejemerew?
You: When was the last time it happened? You: Meche niw lemecheresha gizay endezi yehono?
You: How much does it irritate you? You: Min yahil niw yemiamih/yemiamish woyis yemerebishih/yemerebishish?
You: How much is the irritation? You: Min yahil niw himemu?
Patient: A lot/very much. Patient: Betam.
Patient: A little. Patient: Tinish.
You: Do your eyes feel (good/bad)? You: Aynihin/aynishin betinishu niw woyis betam niw yemiamih/yemiamish?
You: How do your eyes feel? You: Ayinihin/aynishin endet niw yemiaregih/yemiaregish?
You: Do you feel something in your eye? You: Aynih/aynish wuşt yemisemah/yemisemash woyim yemikorokurih/yemikorokurish neger aleh?
You: Do your eyes get red? You: Aynih/aynish yiķelal?
You: Do you often wake up with discharge in your eyes? You: Ţewat sitinesa/sitineshi ein are alebih/alebish bizu gize?
You: Do you have difficulty seeing at night? You: Bemata mayet yaschegirihal/yaschegirishal?
You: Does the sun bother you a lot? You: Ţsehay sibeza yamihal/yamishal?
You: Are you very sensitive to intense light? You: Birhan sibeza yamihal/yamishal?
You: Do you see cobwebs in your vision? You: Yeshererit dir yemesele neger yitayihal/yitayishal?
You: Do you see little lights or spots? You: Ţikakin birihanoch woyim netwoch yitayihal/yitayishal?
You: Do you see flashes? You: Bilich yilibihal/yilibishal?
You: Is your vision blurry? You: Eyitah/eyitash debzaza niw?
You: Did something penetrate your eye? You: Aynih/aynish wuşt yegeba neger aleh?
You: Do your eyes feel dry? You: Aynih/aynish yiderkal?
You: Do your eyes itch? You: Aynihin/aynishin yasakikihal/yasakikishal?
You: Do you have eye mucous discharge? You: Aynar yibezahal/yibezashal?
You: Do your eyes burn? You: Aynihin/aynishin yakatilihal/yakatilishal?
You: Do you have headaches while using your eyes? You: Sitimeleket/sitimelekechi woyim sitaneb/sitanebi eras mitat aleh?
You: Where does it hurt? You: Yetga niw yemiamih/yemiamish?
You: When you read, does it hurt? You: Sitaneb/sitanebi yamihal/yamishal?
You: Are you not reading because you can’t see or because you don’t want to? You: Manbeb silemachil/silemachi niw yematanebo/yematanebyoo woyis silalfelegih/silalfelegish?
You: Have you ever seen double? You: Hulet hono taytoh/taytosh yawkal?
You: Are you seeing things double right now? You: Ahun hulet hono yitayihal/yitayishal?
You: I need to perform some tests to make sure this is the reason. You: Chiggeru yih mehonun lemaregaget andand mukerawoch mareg alebign.