Clinical Interviews — Difficulty Breathing

English Amharic
You: Do you have a cough? You: Sal aleh/alesh?
You: How many days have you had the cough? You: Lemin yahil ķenat yasilih/yasilish neber?
You: Have you had a cough? You: Sal nebereh/neberesh?
You: Do you have phlegm? You: Hakita aleh/alesh?
You: What color is the phlegm? Is it clear? Is it yellow? You: Hakitaw min aynet ķelem alo? Nitsu niw? Bicha niw?
You: Is it green? Is it red? You: Arenguaday niw? Ķai niw?
You: Do you have a fever? You: Tikusat aleh/alesh?
You: Have you lost weight? How many kilograms have you lost? You: Kibdet ķenesk/ķenesh? Sint kilo ķenesk/ķenesh?
You: Do you sweat during the night? You: Leleet yalibihal/yalibishal?
You: Do you have chills? You: Bird alebih/alebish?
You: Have you been near a person with TB? You: TB keyazew sew akrabia neberk/nebersh?
You: Have you been treated for TB before? You: TB temirmereh/temirmeresh tawkaleh/tawkialesh?
You: Have you had shortness of breath? You: Tinfash yatrih/yatrish neber?
You: Do you get short of breath when walking? You: Begir sitihed/sitiheji yetinfash maţer chigger alebih/alebish?
You: Do you have asthma? You: Asm yizoh/yizosh yawkal?
You: How long have you had asthma? You: Asm keyazeh/keyazesh sint gizay honeh?
You: Take a deep breath. You: Bedenb tenfis/tenfish.
You: We are going to take a chest X-ray. You: Yederet raj enanesalen.
You: We need to do blood tests. You: Yedem mirmera mareg yasfeligal.
You: We are going to draw blood. You: Dem enosdalen.
You: We need a sample of your phlegm. You: Hakitahin/hakitashin lemirmera enosdalen.
You: You have pneumonia. You: Yesambamich alebih/alebish.
You: You have the flu. You: Goonfan yizohal/yizoshal.
You: You have asthma. You: Asm alebih/alebish.