Clinical Interviews — Chest Pain

English Amharic
You: Point to your pain. You: Himemu yalebetin bota ţakumegn/ţakumeen.
You: Himemu yetuga niw.
You: Do you have pain in the middle of your chest? You: Deratih/deratish mahal lai yamihal/yamishal?
You: Do you have pain in the right side of your chest? You: Beķegn deratih/deratish bekul himem aleh?
You: Do you have pain on the left side of your chest? You: Begira deratih/deratish bekul himem aleh?
You: Do you have pain in your stomach? You: Yehod himem alebih/alebish?
You: Do you have pain over the entire chest? You: Deretihin/deretishin beteklala yamihal/yamishal?
You: When did the pain start? You: Himemu meche jemereh?
Patient: (Ten) minutes ago. Patient: Ke(asir) dekika befeet.
Patient: (Three) hours ago. Patient: Ke(sost) se’at befeet..
Patient: (Two) days ago. Patient: Ke(hulet) ķen befeet.
You: Have you had this type of pain before? You: Kezi befeet endezi amoh/amosh yawkal?
You: How long does the pain last? You: Himemu min yahal geezay ķoyeh?
You: How many times a day do you get the pain? You: Beķen min yahal gizay himem yisamahal/yisamashal?
You: Does the pain go to your left shoulder? You: Himemu wedegira tekesha/tekeshash yihedal?
You: Does the pain go to your left arm? You: Himemu wedegira ejih yihedal?
You: Does the pain go to the neck? You: Himemu wedeangetih/wedeangetish yihedal?
You: Does the pain go to your jaw? You: Himemu wedemengaga/wedemengagash yihedal?
You: What is the pain like? Sharp? Pressure? Burning? You: Himemu endet niw? Yemiwega? Yemichemedid? Yemiakatil?
You: Does the pain occur when you are sitting? Lying down? You: Sitikemet/sitikemechi himemu yigemeral? Sitatengna/sitatengni?
You: Does the pain decrease if you lean forward? You: Wedefeet degef sitil/sitee himemu yiķenisal?
You: Does the pain get worse if you lie down? You: Sititengna/sititegni himemu yibisal?
You: Do you have the pain when you walk? You: Sitiramed/sitirameji yamihal/yamishal?
You: If you get the pain when you walk, do you keep walking? You: Sitiramed/sitirameji kamemeh/kamemesh meramedun tiketilaleh/tiketialesh?
You: Does the pain go away after you rest? You: Ereft karek/karegsh behuala himemu yitewal?
You: Do you feel short of breath when you have the pain? You: Himemu simeta yetinfash mater aleh/alesh?
You: Do you get nausea or vomiting when you have the pain? You: Himemu simeta yakleshelishihal/yakeleshelishishal woyim yastawikihal/yastawikishal?
You: Do you sweat with the pain? You: Himemu sinor lab lab yilihal/yilishal?
You: What gives you chest pain? You: Min sihon niw deretihin yemiamih/yemiamish?
Patient: Walking. Patient: Beagir mehed.
Patient: Going upstairs. Patient: Dereja motat.
Patient: Coughing. Patient: Sal.
Patient: Taking a deep breath. Patient: Bedenb metenfes.
Patient: Eating spicy food. Patient: Yemiakatil megib.
Patient: Emotional upset. Patient: Nidet.
You: Do you have a fever? You: Tukusat aleh/alesh?
You: Do you have a cough? You: Sal aleh/alesh?
You: If you have a cough, do you have phlegm? You: Sitasil/sitasee hakata aleh?
You: What color is the phlegm? Is it clear? Is it yellow? You: Hakitaw min aynet ķelem alo? Nitsu? Bicha?
You: Is it green? Is it red? You: Arenguaday niw? Ķai niw?
You: How many pillows do you use to sleep? You: Sint tiras tinterasaleh/tinterashalesh sititegna/sititeni?
You: Did your feet or ankles swell up? You: Egrih/egrish abto neber?
You: Do you wake up at night out of breath? You: Leleet tinfash maţer kenkilf yiķesekishihal/yiķeseksishal?
You: Do you have high blood pressure? You: Kafitenya yedem bizat aleh/alesh?
You: Do you have diabetes? You: Sikwar alebih/alebish?
You: Do you smoke cigarettes? You: Cigarra tachesaleh/tacheshialesh?
You: How many cigarettes do you smoke per day? You: Beķen sint cigarra tachesaleh/tacheshialesh?
You: How many cigarettes do you smoke per year? You: Be’amet minyahil cigarra tachesaleh/tacheshialesh?
Patient: A pack per day. Patient: And pako beķen.
Patient: A half a pack per day. Patient: Gimash pako beķen.
Patient: A cigarette per day. Patient: And cigarra beķen.
Patient: One cigarette every now and then. Patient: Alfo alfo and cigarra achessalo.
You: Did any member of you family die of heart problems? You: Kebetesebochih/kebetesebochish wuşt belib chigger yemote aleh?
You: I am going to examine your heart. You: Yelib mirmera ladergilih/ladergilish niw.
You: Take a deep breath. You: Bedenb tenfis/tenfish.
You: Take a deep breath and hold it. You: Ayer wedewist asgebana/asgebina yazo/yaju.
You: We need to do blood tests. You: Yedem mirmera mareg yasfeligal.
You: We need to admit you to the hospital. You: Hospital litgeba/litgebi yigebal.
You: If you have chest pain, put a pill under your tongue every five minutes. You: Yederet himem kale medanitun beamist dekikaw milas sir adrig/adrigi.